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Date Created: 2015-12-13
Last Modified: 2018-06-01
Verb Description Scope Note ID (IRI) Related Match Closely Related Term Vocabulary
annotated To furnish with critical commentary or explanatory notes; gloss.
answered Used to show the actor's answer in a quiz or practice test.
asked Used to ask a question in a forum or other web application.
attempted Used for an attempt on an assessment in AcrossX.
attended Indicates the actor was present at a virtual or physical event or activity.
commented Used to add a comment in a forum or other web application.
deleted Indicated the actor moved an object to trash bin, or removed the object. it could be recoverable or unrecoverable.
designed Indicates the actor carefully planned or created the object for a specific purpose. Used for designing a lesson plan / learning plan / action plan.
disliked Indicates that the actor does not approve of the object or activity. Vote down a post or a reply on a forum or social media.
edited Indicates the actor added or modified the content in a document or object. Add or modify the content in a Spreadsheet or a post on forum.
evaluated Indicates the actor formed an opinion or prepared to assess another actor or object. Used to describe the act of a teacher or coach evaluating a learner's performance or product.
interacted Used to indicate a learner's action of interacting with elements in a quiz.
liked vote up a post or a reply on a forum or social media. closeMatch:
played Indicated the actor has played a game.
posted Used to describe the action of posting a discussion topic or message on a forum.
reacted Indicate the actor showed a response or a reaction to some object.
referenced Used to indicate an actor look up an online resource through a link.
reported Indicates the actor announced the result of an experience or activity. Used to describe the action of self-reporting a learning experience by the actor, but can be used for reporting other's action as well.
requested Indicates the actor requested assistance or help from peers or coaches/teachers.
returned Indicate the actor gave back object to its previous location or owner.
revealed Indicates the actor exposed an object or content that's previously hidden. Used when the actor opened an information or quiz box to read or answer it.
searched Indicates the actor looked for information in an object. Used to convey a text string search of information within an application or interface in Across X closeMatch:
set Indicate the actor put some object (e.g. preference) into a certain state.
shared Sharing content or additional reference material with another application or user.
skipped Used to indicate the actor skipped forward or backward while watching a video.
started Indicated the actor has started an activity object.
submitted Used for an actor submitted something for an assignment or a project.
synchronized Indicated the instructor took control of learner's screen to display synchronizedly with instructor's screen.
unsynchronized Indicated the instructor removed the control over learner's screen.
was-assigned Indicates the actor was given or required to access an object. Used to describe the action of learning material being assigned to a learner.
watched Indicates the actor observed a visual obect. Used to indicate that an actor absorbed a video visually. closeMatch:
Acitivity Type Description Scope Note ID (IRI) Related Match Closely Related Term Vocabulary
assessment This term is used for assessments in digital form, to be distinguished from assessment in paper form.
assignment A task or piece of work assigned to someone as part of a job or course of study.
class Face-to-face class activity including lecturing, discussing and student presentation.
class-online Online class with interactions between instructors and learners through online tools.
collaboration The activity involving multiple actors working together on an assignment, a project, a problem-solving challenge or a cause. Used to identify the activity of cooperative problem-solving.
courseware An activity that allows instructors to create slides with quizzes/polling questions embedded inside to collect responses and get reporting instantly in class. Interactive courseware application used in face to face class, for example, an IRS (instant response system)
document A standalone file that major part of its content is text.
e-book A book in electronic form as a document, file, or interactive application with optional formatting and control features.
face-to-face-discussion An exchange or communication on a topic by two or more actors in-person taking place in a physical location.
game A competitive or cooperative activity in which players try to perform better in its metrics according to a set of rules.
learning-plan A learning plan is to plan and organize learning activities from different Activity Providers, to-do list or another plan(s), it could be built by instructors, learning designers or learners.
message Information that is communicated by or to or between individual actors or groups of actors. A personal message between actors, usually transmitted privately.
note Refers to an object that was annotated as part of the activity.
online-discussion An exchange or communication on a topic by two or more actors in-person taking place online or virtually.
page The single representation of a specific page number and the content on that page in any digitally or physically written material. Refer to a page number and the content on that page in an e-book or printed book.
prescription Instructions from a physician or dentist to a druggist concerning the form and dosage of a drug to be issued to a given patient.
presentation A presentation is a process of presenting a topic to an audience.
printed-book A written work or composition that has been physically printed on paper pages bound together.
printed-worksheet A page or group of pages containing problems, exercises, or instructions for learning activities.
printed-assessment A written examination or test provided in paper form, and intended to be completed using a pencil or pen.
rehabilitation Rehabilitation is the treatment of physical disabilities by massage and electrotherapy and exercises.
rubric A rubric is a scoring tool that explicitly represents the performance expectations for an assignment or piece of work. A rubric divides the assigned work into component parts and provides clear descriptions of the characteristics of the work associated with each component, at varying levels of mastery.
search-engine A software program that searches a database and gathers and reports information that contains or is related to specified terms.
submission The work submitted by the actor or the group in response to a quest, assignment, project, question, competition or RFP.
video A recording of audible and visual content intended to be shown on a video display. A video has audio and visual components of content, and could be delivered online or offline. closeMatch:
virtual-reality A realistic and immersive simulation of a three-dimensional environment, created using interactive software and hardware, and experienced or controlled by movement of the body.
webpage A web document (usually HTML-based) accessible by anyone connected to the internet and by using a web browser. closeMatch:
written-book A work written or crafted manually on paper pages bound together.
Extension Description Scope Note ID (IRI) Vocabulary
alignment It's to indicate the node in competency standard or knowledge graph the activity/content is aligned to, could be a string or a URL of the corresponding information page.
anchor-text It's the text string associated with an internal or external link (to another book page or web page).
blooms-level It's to indicate the Bloom's level the activity or content is aligned to.
browser-info This should send available information about the browser the Actor used.
by-whom It's to indicate who created/authored/presented the object.
chapter It's to indicate the chapter this statement is related to, used for ebook in AcrossX.
column It's to indicate the column number of a cell in a spreadsheet.
duration It's a value in ISO8601 format representing a length of time. This extension is used within an Activity Definition to indicate a length of an Activity as compared to the Result.duration which captures the length of time for a specific event. For example a video may be 5 minutes long (this Extension), but an actor may have only watched 30 seconds of it (the Result.duration).
ending-point The final point at which an Actor ceases an activity, for example, stopping the playing of a video at a specific position on the timeline either manually or automatically. Goes along with "Starting Point". Can be used with types of media and/or activities other than video.
feedback It's the feedback the Actor gets after answering a question, or feedback from teacher or peer.
highlighted-String It's a string highlighted by the Actor.
mentioned-agent It's to indicate an agent mentioned in a discussion, the value must be one type of Inverse Functional Identifier.
page-index It's to indicate the page this statement is related to.
pass-score It's to indicate the required score to pass an assessment.
row It's to indicate the row number of a cell in a spreadsheet.
rubrics It's the rubrics teachers use to evaluate Actor's performance or outcomes.
school It's to indicate an institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers.
section It's to indicate the section this statement is related to, used for ebook in AcrossX.
starting-point The initial point from which the Actor begins an activity, for example, starting to play a video from a specific position in the video timeline. Goes along with "Ending Point". Can be used with types of media and/or activities other than video.
supplemental-info It's the hint available for the Actor to answer a question, or supplemental information for an object.
team-work It's the performance standard to evaluate team work collaboration.
time It's a value representing a position on a timeline of an activity, should be in ISO8601 format.
time-limit It's to indicate the time constraint of an assessment object.
total-items It's to indicate total items in an assessment object.
total-pages It's to indicate the total pages of a book or a slide-deck.
total-score It's to indicate total score of an assessment object.
type A category of people or things having common characteristics.