Design Profile

    AKA: 设定

    一个 Design Profile 是针对一个 Use Case 而设计(例如: 电子书、视讯影片、测验),之下可能有许多 Recipe 订定每个动作如何记录。

    ADL 呼籲各个 CoP 统筹社群意见,形成如何描述特定种类事件的共识,订定 Design Profile ,我们翻为设定,它可说是为记录某种事件设计一个统一模板,让大家可以遵循使用,这样学习记录才有互操作性,不同来源资料可以整合。如何设计 statement 的自由度很大,所以即使使用 xAPI 仍可能有资料在语义上无法互通的问题。必须由 CoP 来管理 Controlled Vocabulary & Design Profile。

    ADL asked CoPs work on Design Profiles:

    Finally, we will collaboratively work on standardizing how specific types of use cases should be expressed using the xAPI. — ADL

    The conventions and rules on how to use the xAPI can be decided upon by each CoP and applied to the base xAPI specification as profiles.

    Design Profile: A reusable template that conveys how to record a specific type of learning experience and should be produced by an xAPI CoP during or after the process of developing a controlled vocabulary. A design profile should contain metadata and a JSON representation of the following: profile name, use case description, actor, verb, object/activity type, context, and possible results. — ADL